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We’re messy, imperfect people, and we don’t claim to have all the answers. But we love to hear questions! We believe God uses the Bible to make a wonderful difference in our lives, and that He wants all of us to share ideas, stories, and hard questions about what really matters with others.

At Kensington, we are committed to coming alongside everyone who wants to move forward in their relationship with God. We believe growth happens in the context of community – a smaller gathering of people, studying the Bible, discussing matters of faith and encouraging one another to follow God.

Who is your community? Who are the people that you lean on in the midst of difficulty? Who can you call at 2am?

If these questions make you want community, then it's time to jump into a group and start building meaningful relationships. A group will encourage you to experience more transformation through Christ, which will then help to mobilize you to lead a more purposeful life. Are you ready?

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Want to start a small group? Complete the small group leader application for your campus by clicking the link below.
Clinton Township
Traverse City

Can't find a group?

If you couldn't find the group you were looking for, email

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